Unattended Children

Approved By The Library Board on 10/09/2007

A primary mission of the Goodland Public Library is to provide a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient facility for patrons and staff. This is especially true for children who visit the library. Although staff is available to assist and provide general guidance, the library does not provide childcare services. Attaining the desired and appropriated environment for children requires the communication and cooperation of both staff and parents.

Goodland Public Library will not be responsible for unattended children.

Unattended children are any children not accompanied by a parent/guardian or other caregiver who is directly responsible for the younger child/children. The caregiver (defined as a teenager, adult or who is ensured by the parent/guardian to be a responsible person) must remain with the younger child while in the library unless that child is attending a library program designed for their age group. During a library program, caregivers who do not attend the program with the child must return to the children’s department by the end of the program to pick up their child.

Children must maintain appropriate behavior and responsible library use. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Staff will ask children to comply with library rules or instructions, children whose behavior is disruptive to library rules and instructions will be asked to leave the library grounds and not permitted to return that day. Children violating this policy will be given an opportunity to make a phone call to a parent or caregiver to inform them of the circumstances and that they need to be picked up immediately, should the caregiver fail to appear to pick up the child, the police will be called to assume responsibility for the child.

At closing time or in the event of an unforeseen emergency children will be asked to call a parent/guardian or responsible adult to pick them up. If no one can be contacted, staff will call the police who will assume responsibility for the child.